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The special achievement of oil and gas development Well Hua H50-7 breaks the longest record of Asian onshore horizontal section

Recently, with the support of the National Science and Technology Major Project of  large oil and gas field and coalbed methane development (hereinafter referred to as the special project of oil and gas development), a super long horizontal well, Hua H50-7 well, was successfully completed in Qingcheng oilfield, Longdong oil area, Changqing Oilfield, a National shale oil development demonstration area. The drilling depth of this well is 6266m, the length of horizontal section is 4088m, and the drilling rate of reservoir is 89.2%, which is the longest record of Asian onshore horizontal section, playing a leading role in the economic and effective development of Longdong area.

Qingcheng oilfield in Longdong oil area of Changqing oilfield is rich in shale oil reserves, but the reservoir grade is low, the physical property is poor, and the exploitation is difficult. Long horizontal well is the most economical and practical means to achieve shale oil reservoir transformation, which can increase the area of oil drainage, increase the output of single well, and effectively improve the development effect of the reservoir. Therefore, Changqing Oilfield actively implements the high efficiency development test of ultra long horizontal well.

The engineering and technical experts of Hua H50-7 ultra long horizontal well broke the routine. Through the application of core technologies such as fine geological research and 3D seismic prediction, the fine well trajectory control of ultra long horizontal well and the successful application of new materials for ultra deep well plugging were realized, which ensured the drilling rate and construction safety of oil layer, all production indexes were up to the standard, and the drilling, cementing, logging and other technologies were realized A major breakthrough in technical parameters.

At present, Changqing Oilfield takes the long horizontal section plus volume fracturing as the technical core to explore and form 18 supporting technologies of five major technical series for shale oil development in Ordos Basin, among which 20 horizontal wells are deployed on Hua H40 platform and Hua H60 platform, which is the largest horizontal well production platform in the world (unconventional Oilfield), and also realizes the technical breakthrough of building the world's largest well cluster in the smallest well pad.