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Nitrogen Surfactant Compound Huff and Puff Technology

Product name: Nitrogen surfactant compound huff and puff technology

Product introduction:

I. Technical introduction

Surfactants mainly emulsify crude oil by reducing the interfacial tension between oil and water, changing the wettability of the oil wet rock surface, and reducing the viscosity fingering phenomenon to improve the oil displacement effect.

On the basis of nitrogen huff and puff technology, surfactant for oil displacement is added. Under the high pressure of gas, the agent enters farther well zones, quickly stripping more crude oil from pores, forming oil in water emulsion with lower viscosity, and improving oil washing efficiency

The application scope of the composite throughput method is very wide, and there are no strict conditions. It can be used for heavy oil and light oil; It can be used for both high permeability reservoirs and low permeability reservoirs. It has more advantages for small fault blocks and small reservoirs with complex lithology that have poor inter well flowability and other methods of enhancing oil recovery are ineffective.

2、Oil increasing mechanism

This technology is mainly the synergistic huff and puff of surfactant and nitrogen after being squeezed into the formation. As the chemical agent is mainly composite surfactant, it has good temperature resistance, salt resistance, emulsification and other properties, and has the following action mechanisms to improve the oil well huff and puff effect and extend the production cycle.

(1)Under the high pressure of gas, the agent can enter farther well zones, quickly peel off more crude oil in the pores, and improve the oil washing efficiency;

(2)Under the "synergistic" action of gas and surfactant amphiphilic molecules, the interfacial tension between oil and water is greatly reduced, facilitating the formation of oil in water emulsion with low viscosity, and reducing the flow resistance of crude oil in the seepage process.

(3)After the surfactant is adsorbed on the rock surface, the wettability of the reservoir rock is changed and the crude oil is easy to flow out.

(4)The inorganic components in the surfactant can shrink the rock cement to a certain extent, increase the seepage channel of the reservoir rock, reduce the seepage resistance, thus prolonging the production cycle of the oil well and improving the liquid production capacity of the oil well.

(5)The combined huff and puff combines the advantages of steam injection huff and puff and surface active agent solution huff and puff, and through the synergistic effect, the oil increasing effect is more obvious.