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Oil Washing Technology for Increasing Production

1、Technical introduction

(1)Surfactants change the wettability of rock surface, and rock gradually begins to absorb water;

(2)Increase of water absorption - water displaces oil from rock;

(3)The displaced oil flows to the wellbore through fractures and is recovered.

2、Technical characteristics

(1)The surface wettability is optimized to improve the recovery of adsorbed oil. Through self absorption, the stimulation fluid is promoted to enter the oil and gas enrichment area. It is helpful for the flowback of stimulation fluid to reduce formation plugging.

(2)It has good water solubility, stability and compatibility. It can be well compatible with produced water and other chemicals, and can be directly added to other stimulation fluids. It is easy to use, rapid oil increase response and low cost (high oil and gas production returns).

(3)With high economic benefits and low use concentration, it can provide customized products according to the actual situation of the oil field, and combine advanced nanotechnology and biotechnology to improve the performance and environmental acceptability of DSZC.

(4)It is pollution-free, environmentally friendly and will not cause damage to the formation.

3、Application mode

(1)Single well huff and puff operation of production well

(2)Cooperate with other single well measures (acidification, fracturing, scale prevention, etc.)

(3)Add to injection water and apply to EOR operation of the whole well pattern.

(4)It is compatible with all known stimulation fluid and production water systems.