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High Temperature and High Pressure Cementing Technology

After years of research and field application, high temperature and high pressure cementing technology has become a mature technology of ZORANOC's oil and chemical division. Key technologies and innovations including:

I.High temperature and high density cement slurry technology. A series of oil well cement admixtures with temperature resistance of 260 ℃have been developed. A high temperature and high density cement slurry system with temperature resistance of 230 ℃and maximum density of 2.80g/cm3 has been formed. It has the characteristics of excellent rheological property, good settlement stability, API water loss less than 50ml, zero free liquid, dense cement stone and strong anti channeling ability.

II. High temperature and high pressure gas channeling prevention technology. The high temperature and high pressure annulus gas channeling prevention technology and pressure stability technology are established and developed. Under the condition of 200 ℃high temperature, the pressure stability coefficient is more than 1.0.

III. Anti gas channeling, anti-corrosion, anti strain damage cement slurry technology. A set of simulation evaluation device for stress damage of cement paste is invented, and key additives and systems for preventing gas channeling, corrosion and stress damage are developed, which solves the problem of preventing gas channeling and durability of high-temperature and high-pressure cementing cement.

IV. Gas channeling analysis instrument, cement shrinkage and expansion analysis instrument with full independent intellectual property rights.

More than 100 wells have been successfully applied in Myanmar, Indonesia, Iraq and other blocks in the South China Sea and overseas, effectively solving cementing technical problems such as high temperature and high pressure. The application effect is good, and it is recognized by users. It has made contribution to solve cementing technical problems and improve cementing quality.