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Introduction of Cement Slurry System (Part 3)

3. Polymer system

brief introduction

(1) It is mainly composed of polymer fluid loss reducer such as ZOC-G80L and ZOC-G86L, supplemented by other compatible additives.

(2) Polymer fluid loss additive is a kind of binary or multicomponent copolymer material with AMPS (2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid) as the main monomer.

(3) Adding additives with special functions can make cement slurry system with corresponding functions to meet the cementing requirements of different well conditions.


Oil well cement: grade G

Fluid loss reducer: ZOC-G80L, ZOC-G86L, ZOC-G87L, etc., dosage 3-7% (BWOC)

Dispersant: ZOC-F44L, ZOC-F46L, dosage 0.3-2.5%

Defoamer: ZOC-X60L, ZOC-F46L, dosage 0.2-0.5%

Mixing water: seawater or fresh water

According to the performance requirements of cement slurry, optional materials can be added to cement slurry

Retarder: ZOC-H21L, ZOC-H42L, ZOC-H50L

Accelerator: ZOC-A90L, ZOC-DA93L

Expansion agent: ZOC-B10, ZOC-B20, etc

Gas channeling inhibitor: ZOC-GR5

Admixtures: ZOC-P61, ZOC-C81, ZOC-C82, etc


(1) Good control of water loss performance, free liquid is zero;

(2) Excellent salt tolerance;

(3) Good temperature universality, can be used in the temperature range of room temperature to 180 ℃.

(4) It has good dispersing effect and good rheological property without dispersant;

(5) The strength of cement paste develops well.

(6)Strong anti pollution ability.