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Introduction of Cement Slurry System (Part 1)

Introduction of cement slurry system

1. Preface

The cement slurry system is usually named as the main agent fluid loss reducer. The following describes several cement slurry systems commonly used in ZORANOC cementing, and of course, there are other cement slurry systems.

  1. Low density and high strength system

Brief introduction

(1) It is made of floating beads as lightening materials, reinforced materials and various additives.

(2) Based on the theory of compact packing, the solid phase in cement slurry per unit volume is increased and the compactness of cement paste is enhanced.


Oil well cement: grade G

Lightening material: ZOC-P61 (floating bead)

Enhancer: ZOC-BT1 OR ZOC-BT2

Fluid loss reducer: ZOC-G71L

Retarder: ZOC-H21L

Dispersant: ZOC-F44L

Expansion agent: ZOC-B10

Defoamer: ZOC-X60L

The composition of cement slurry is not limited to the above materials. According to the site requirements, other materials can be added or some materials can be changed to make its performance meet the requirements.


(1) 7g / cm-1

(2) Applicable temperature: room temperature - 110 ℃

(3) Good rheological properties

(4) API water loss can be controlled within 40ml

(5) Good thickening curve and adjustable thickening time

(6) High strength, 24-hour compressive strength can be greater than 20 MPa

(7) Good settlement stability

(8) Good leak proof performance

(9) The cement stone is compact, low permeability and good anti gas channeling performance

(10) Dispersant can effectively improve the fluidity of cement slurry and eliminate thixotropy

(11) It has good compatibility with PEM mud, flushing fluid and isolation fluid

It is suitable for cementing of low pressure and easy to leak wells, long cementing section wells, adjustment wells, gas wells, horizontal wells and highly deviated wells.

Formula performance:

Typical formula: 100g "G" cement +80g sea water +6g ZOC-G71L+25g floating bead +26g reinforcement +1g ZOC-F44L +1g ZOC-H21L +0.3g ZOC-X60L