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Test of Drag Reducer ZODR-E400H from Zoranoc (Part 4)

6. Test Flow 

The test was performed at a concentration of 4.7 ppm, and the injection volume was 1.8 liters.

The on-site drag reduction agent test started at 14:37 on November 30, 2019 (at this time, the opening of  PV2121 is 100%), and the pipe was full at 9:00 on December 1, 2019 (at this time, the opening of PV2121 was 36%). After the pipe is full, the outbound valve PV2121 is fully opened to test the increase rate.


7. Test Data


Blank sample data without Drag Reducer 14:00,Nov,30, 2019


Data when drag reducer is full (calculate drag reduction rate)    9:00,Dec,1, 2019

PV2121 valve is fully open (calculate the increase rate)      10:00,Dec,1,2019


Outbound pressure in Nanchang(MPa)




Downstream pit stop pressure(MPa)




Nanchang outbound flow(m³/h)




It can be known from calculation that the increase rate of drag reduction agent is 10.48% (the outbound pressure is 3.043 MPa at this time), and the drag reduction rate is 43.35%

7. Data Analysis

7.1 The user only needs a displacement of 420 m³/h because the pipeline is a refined oil pipeline. Gasoline and diesel are delivered alternately, but the amount of diesel is small. Most of the gasoline is delivered. If the displacement is too high, the delivery plan will be affected. In addition, it can be seen from the equipment list that the oil transfer pump of Nanchang Station is only 360m³/h.

7.2 Nanchang Station has been using PV2121 valve to regulate the outbound flow before December 1, 2019, and the oil pumps are running at 2# and 3# for the purpose of testing drag reduction rate. After the drag reducing agent is full, the PV2121 valve is fully opened to test the transmission increase rate. To ensure safe operation, the oil pump running at this time is only the 2# pump. From the outbound pressure, it can be seen that there is a pressure drop of nearly 1MPa, while the displacement is increased to 418.2m³/h. This shows that if the 2# and 3# pumps continue to be used for transportation and the pipeline pressure is restored at 9:00 on December 1, 2019, the increase rate will be higher.