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Test of Drag Reducer ZODR-E400H from Zoranoc (Part 1)

1. Test purposes

Jiu chang zhang product oil pipeline was completed and put into operation in February 2008. The entire line adopts a closed process to transport two categories and four varieties in sequence, including gasoline (92 #, 95 #) and diesel (vehicle and general). The pipeline starts from Jinjipo oil depot in Jiujiang city and passes through Changbei oil depot. Part of the oil products are distributed and downloaded to Changbei oil depot, and the other part is transmitted to Zhangshu Zhangjiashan oil depot through the pressurized pipeline of Nanchang off load pump station. After the second phase of the Jiangxi pipeline was put into operation, the pipeline extended southward from Zhangshu to Ji'an and Ganzhou. Since the designed output of Nanchang Station was only 2.4 million tons per year, Nanchang Station became the bottleneck for increasing the output of Jiugan pipeline.

The purpose of this test is to verify whether the transportation capacity of Nanchang Zhangshu pipeline can be increased by adding drag reducing agent under the existing conditions, so as to improve the transportation capacity of Jiugan pipeline.