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Research On Anti Gas Channeling Cementing Technology At Home And Abroad

With the continuous development and progress of oil exploration, higher requirements for anti gas channeling cementing technology are put forward. This paper briefly introduces the causes and hazards of annular air channeling, introduces the anti gas channeling cementing technology from the aspects of cement slurry system, gas reservoir stabilizing technology and well bore structure design, and puts forward some difficulties faced by the cementing technology. Therefore, in order to adapt to the exploration and development of oil wells, it is necessary to further develop and improve the anti gas channeling cementing technology. With the rapid development of economy, energy security has become one of the key factors restricting the rapid development of China's economy. Anti gas channeling cementing technology plays an important role in improving oil and gas production efficiency. Therefore, a lot of research work on gas channeling prevention cementing technology has been carried out at home and abroad, and many practical and effective research results have been achieved.

1. The necessity of anti gas channeling cementing technology

Because of the weight loss of cement slurry, the channeling of cement slurry and the gap between cement stone and casing and between cement stone and formation will produce annular air channeling, which is harmful to oil and gas production. That is to say, after cement injection, cement slurry channeling causes the cement quality to decrease or the cement slurry is difficult to bear the gas reservoir pressure, resulting in gas reservoir gas channeling into the cement matrix, affecting the cementation strength of cement stone, or gas reservoir gas entering the gap between cement and casing or between cement and well wall, resulting in inter layer channeling, which will affect the test and evaluation of oil and gas reservoirs, Some even run out of the well head and emit oil and gas at the wellhead, causing blowout accident after cementing. Therefore, anti gas channeling cementing technology has been deeply studied at home and abroad, and some important research results have been obtained.