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Oil Shale and Shale Oil

Industrial shale oil has two sources: one is the current success of the United States out of mined from shale oil. Mainly shale oil in the pores and cracks, including mud shale oil is a solid field of artificial mineral oil, oil shale retorting; or clastic adjacent floor and mezzanine of the natural oil, it it usually an effective way for the development of horizontal wells and stages fracturing technology thermal decomposition of organic matter produced a brown, with special pungent odor viscous liquid product. By cleaving chemical change can be oil shale kerogen is converted to synthetic crude oil. Heating oil shale can be isolated to a specific temperature steam, which produce similar oil shale oil, oil shale and flammable gas by the distillation. Similar natural petroleum, shale oil rich in alkanes and aromatics, but shale oil together have more olefin component, and further containing non-hydrocarbon components containing oxygen, nitrogen sulfur. Due to differences in the composition of oil shale organic metter, and thermal processing conditions, the composition and nature of the country by the middle of shale oil is not the same, the proportion between Q9~10. The hydrogen carbons of produced shale oil in Fushun, Maomig of China and the United States Green River is relatively high, suitable for the preparation and processing of light oil; but because of its high nitrogen content together, refining and processing time must be removed, otherwise it will affect the quality of oil. Many Estonian shale oil prodeced in phenols and other oxygen-containing compounds suitable for the preparation and processing chemicals. Fushun, Maoming oil shale refining though appropriat processing, can be prepared by a qualified gasoline, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil and other oil products. Also receive paraffin, phenols, pyridines, naphthenic acid and petroleum coke and other chemical products.

The method for processing oil shale and natural refining process is basically the same oil, including distillation, thermal cracking, coking, hydro-refining and so on. Take light oil from shale oil system is currently one of the lowest cost method for preparing qualified artificial liquid fuel.

World oil shale is so widely distributed, but only achieved commercial exploitation of the United States. With the United States to introduce policies to encourage the development of shale oil are not unrelated. In the era of high oil prices, the countries on the development and utilization of oil shale active. The US Congress in 2005 passed the development of unconventional energy bill, setting off a refinery distillate oil shale development climax. Former US President George W. Bush on June 18, 2008 statement in support of the development of oil shale, to encourage Congress to approve liberalized oil shale test land. US Department of the Interior has approved six mineral leases land to oil companies that the project to support the implementation of distillate oil shale refining one thousand. Colorado School of Mines in 2006, 2007, 2008, has held the first 26,27,28 session of the International Conference on oil shale. Currently, the US has 29 companies are conducting research oil shale processing and utilization, including 14 research and development company to carry out underground retorting, thousands of distillate ll home to carry out research and development, the two companies to carry out shale oil hydrogenated to light oil the study.

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