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Drag Reducer for Crude Oil-E400 from ZORANOC Company

1. Product introduction

The main components of ZODR-E400, a drag reducing agent developed by Qingdao ZORANOC, are polyadvanced α olefins, mixed alcohols (mixed by proportion of monoalcohol and polyols) and a small amount of surfactants. The volatility at room temperature is very small and the toxicity is very low. The product is a polymer powder dispersed in organic alcohol to form a slurry product, which is convenient for injection of the product. When the product is injected into crude oil, the polymer powder will dissolve in crude oil quickly. The polymer expands to grow carbon chain comb polymer, which effectively changes the shape of the fluid, reduces the formation of turbulence, reduces the energy consumption during the fluid movement and reduces the resistance of the fluid in the pipeline movement. Drag reducing agent is a kind of chemical additive widely used in crude oil pipeline transportation. It can reduce flow resistance by inhibiting the turbulence degree of oil in the flow, effectively improve pipeline transportation, reduce pipeline pressure, reduce energy, and improve the safety coefficient of pipeline transportation. We only need to connect the injection equipment to the pipeline, and the installation time is not long, but it works very quickly. If the pipeline transportation no longer needs drag reducing agent, the equipment can be removed at any time. The investment in fixed assets is very small, so the use of drag reducing agent can make the pipeline from "rigid" to "elastic".

2. Precautions for use and storage of products

Drag reducing agent is mainly used in crude oil pipeline, which can reduce the flow resistance of oil in the pipeline in turbulent flow, so as to improve the pipeline transportation or reduce the pipeline operating pressure. The product consists of reduced rent polymer, surfactant and dispersing medium. Because the density of product solution varies with temperature, and the density of polymer powder changes little, the product will be layered for a long time, and it needs to be stirred evenly before use. Because the product is oil-soluble polymer dispersed in oil-soluble organic alcohol, it is easy to condense when the polymer is soluble in solvent under high temperature and direct sunlight, so it is necessary to prevent exposure to sun and environmental temperature lower than 45 ℃. The products shall be kept away from open fire and strong oxidants. See MSDS of our products for environmental hazards and preventive measures. Because the product is super high molecular weight polymer, the high-speed shear of the oil pump will affect the performance of the product, and the product should be injected into use after the oil pump. The pressure reduction degree and the increase volume required by each pipeline are different. The product dosage is adjusted according to the field test results. The additive concentration of the product is generally 5-30ppm, and the shelf life of the product is 12 months.