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Deep Water Cementing Technology

Deep water cementing is different from shallow water cementing and land cementing because of the influence of deep water environment and shallow formation complexity. The main manifestations are: ① deep water and low temperature environment. The hydration rate of cement slurry is slow and its strength is low, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of next drilling in a short time; ②The pressure window is narrow. Due to under compaction of deep-water formation, the safe operation window of deep-water cementing becomes smaller, and even negative pressure window appears, which makes the cementing process prone to channeling and leakage;③Shallow laminar flow. In the process of cement slurry waiting for setting, the shallow fluid may flow into the cement slurry, which may affect the cementation of cement stone and even lead to the failure of cementing operation; ④hydrate. Gas hydrate is easy to decompose, which leads to gas channeling and even blowout during cementing operation.

Zoranoc has established a set of deep-water cementing technology for the above-mentioned deep-water cementing difficulties, which can solve the problems of deep-water and ultra deep-water cementing. At present, the operating water depth is more than 1700m, and Zoranoc has the capacity of 3000m deep-water cementing operation.