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Crude Oil Pour Point Reduction And Rent Reduction Transportation Technology (Part 2)

2. Chemical pour point reduction method


Chemical pour point depressant is a kind of pour point depressant in crude oil. Two types of crude oil pour point depressants are mainly used in chemical pour point depressants:

U surfactant type crude oil pour point depressant, such as petroleum sulfonate and polyoxyethylene alkyl amine, can not easily form a network structure throughout the whole system through the mechanism of adsorption on the surface of wax crystal.

ü is a polymer type crude oil pour point depressant, which has a non-polar part that can co crystallize (eutectic) with wax molecules on the main chain and / or branch chain, and also a polar part that distorts the wax crystal form.

Polyacrylate is a typical pour point depressant for crude oil. Many of the pour point depressants have the same structure as wax molecules, so there may be non-polar parts (alkyl, indicated by the arrow) that CO crystallize with wax molecules during wax precipitation, as well as polar parts (- COO -) that distort the wax crystal form.