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Cementing Technology against Gas Channeling

Cementing of gas well has special requirements for cementing technology and cement slurry system, and the ultimate goal is to achieve the integrity of cement paste cementation in the target cementing section. It mainly realizes the integrity of cementation from four aspects: cement slurry cementation loss, system gas resistance, process replacement, process leak prevention and plugging.

The essence of cross flow is the negative pressure difference caused by weightlessness. When the cement slurry loses weight in the process of hydration, the overbalance of formation gas or fluid pressure and the gas channeling resistance of the cement slurry prevent the gas channeling. The longer the sealing section is, the higher the density of cement slurry is, the greater the weight loss is. By increasing porosity, increasing pore water viscosity, plugging film and increasing gas resistance, gas resistance will be increased.

The cementing expert team of ZORANOCfocuses on the research of gas channeling and other channeling mechanisms, and has formed a complete set of anti channeling theory, supporting mature process technology and cement slurry system through decades of practical test and improvement of cementing of high temperature and high pressure gas wells. ZORANOCcementing expert team and operation team will provide customers with reliable anti gas channeling cementing solutions.

Main related technologies:

‒COCEM-Resin Cement slurry system

‒COCEM-LifeStone Self repairing cement slurry system

‒SMART Multifunctional cement slurry system

COCEM-Resin Cement slurry system

The cement slurry system COCEM-Resin is composed of ZOC -RS10L resin as the main functional material, water loss reducing agent, retarder, defoamer and other additives. It has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti channeling, toughening, strengthening and cementing, temperature and salt resistance, system stability and strong universality. ZOC-RS10Lresin is a polymerizable resin monomer, which can form polymer resin in the alkaline environment of cement slurry, so as to reduce the permeability of cement stone, achieve the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti channeling, toughening and strengthening. With different types of retarders, the temperature range is 4℃~220℃, suitable for high temperature and high pressure, corrosive gas cementing, casing cementing and liner cementing.


‒Suitable for 4℃~220℃cementing construction;

‒It can be used in high temperature, high pressure, corrosive gas and shallow gas wells;

‒It can be used for offshore platform and land cementing construction;

‒Cement slurry can be prepared with seawater;

‒It can be used for cementing in gypsum salt layer;


‒Strong ability to control water loss and free liquid;

‒Excellent temperature and salt resistance

‒Good development of cement stone strength

‒Excellent anti-corrosion and anti channeling ability

‒Simple composition and convenient use

‒Strong anti pollution ability

‒It has strong universality and can be applied to a variety of strata

‒Good channeling prevention effect