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Cement Reinforcing Agent from ZORANOC (Part 1)

For a long time, the engineering community has been committed to research and development of various cement additives to reduce water consumption, so as to improve the engineering quality of concrete. However, there is still no breakthrough for the complete hydration of cement particles. ZORANOC cement admixture can produce electrochemical reaction, decompose cement particles, make the metal elements in cement play a role, and make the cement particles fully hydrated, and achieve the maximum utilization efficiency of cement. Therefore, ZORANOC cement admixture is a revolutionary cement blending economy with innovative ideas and will be a major reform in the field of geotechnical Engineering in the 21st century.

Product advantages

1. It is about 200-300 microstrains, and it has crack resistance.

2. Reduce hydration heat by 30-50%, reduce temperature difference shrinkage cracking

3. The amount of cement in the formula can be reduced by reducing water consumption by 10-20% and increasing cement paste by more than 10%

4. Increase early 3-day intensity by 20-25%

5. Increase compressive strength by 20-25%

6. Increase tensile strength by 40%

7. The freeze-thaw resistance was increased by more than 30% to 350 cycles.

8. The rupture strength is increased by more than 60%

9. The contact strength is more than 220psi

10. It can resist 14 atmospheric pressure, i.e. water pressure above 200 psi, with impermeability.

11. The concrete contains 97% micro pores and 3% coarse pores. The total porosity decreases and the density increases by 20-25%.

12. It can react with lime Ca (OH) 2 to form crystal, inhibit alkaline reaction, and avoid crystallization, whitening and sanding.

13. It can resist the corrosion and damage of chloride ions in seawater and air, and prevent the corrosion of steel bars.

14. It is resistant to acid, alkali, industrial waste liquid, sugar acid and petroleum.

15. Reduce the neutralization of concrete due to reaction with carbon dioxide.

16. The abrasion resistance of concrete surface is improved and the construction surface is clean.

·No need to use sand ash, fly ash, strong plastic agent, water reducer, expansion agent and other additives.

·Accelerator and gas transmission agent can be added to meet the needs of the project.

·Generally do not allow curing agent: when the temperature is too high, only a small amount of water spray curing can be done once or twice.

·After mixing for 3-4 hours, the slump loss is still very small.

·No bleeding, not easy to precipitate, excellent bonding force.

·The cement mortar is milky and its slump is controlled to 5-10 cm, but it has good workability and is easy to be vibrated and leveled.

·In high pressure shotcreting operation, it is easy to pump and transport, the vibration of the conveying pipe is small, and it is not easy to plug the pipe

·The thickness of each pass of high pressure shotcreting can reach 7-8 cm, and the rebound amount is less than 5%.

·The construction temperature is - 5-40 ℃, but does not affect the setting time.

·Milk like cement paste can increase the construction time, but does not affect the setting time.

·It is about 200-300 microstrains, and it has crack resistance.