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Break the monopoly of the “Three Barrels of Oil”

The United States has more than 200 oil and gas pipeline companies,which is different from China.In China,the oil and gas pipelines are mainly controlled by “Three Barrels of Oil”,especially, CNPC and Sinopec accounted for 90%.

Comparing with the oil pipeline “point to point”supply mode,the ”transport and network separate”with a higher degree of marketability is more urgent.

“The Guidance on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises” said that,for natural monopoly industry, separate government functions from enterprise management,franchising and government regulation would be the main content of reform.According to the characteristics of different industries, implement “transport and network separate” and promote marketization of public resources.

“transport and network separate” for oil and gas means that,the oil and gas pipeline network business should be independent from the upstream production and downstream sales link, to break the current situation that state-owned enterprises control all the production and sale process.

Monopoly seriously hindered the formation of oil and gas market, along with the coal gas,shale gas and coal-bed methane rushed into the market,the contradiction is more prominent.

The diversified natural gas producers and the downstream end users, as well as the natural gas price reform are all calling for the feasibility of gas pipeline self-governed operation.

Oil and gas pipeline independent is in line with the market direction,which has already been a common view in the oil and gas industry.For the existing pipelines,the relevant government departments should set up open and transparent financial system, carry out an independent audit policy.Under the same conditions,open the oil and gas pipelines with rich production capacity,and put them into the market,make effective rules and regulations and regulate seriously.


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