SEL-5(VII) Oil Well Blocking Remover (Mud Blockage Removal)

SEL-5(VII) is a new developed blocking remover mainly aimed at the stratum pollution treatment of carbonate content is more than 15% , which can form a dense subdural on the carbonate surface, thereby preventing further reaction with the acid, so as to protect the stratum framework. At the same time it can dissolve the clay component in the mud or in the formation, and the reaction rate is low, the reaction uniformity in the rage of effects, to achieve the purpose of lifting formation plugging.

1. Technical parameters:

(1) Appearance: bright sable liquid.

(2) Density: 1.12~1.15g/cm3

(3) Surface tension: 30~35X10-6mN/m

(4) Corrosion rate: Under the condition of 90 ℃is less than 10g/m2•h.

(5) Reaction with calcium ingredient: Slow 10 ~ 20 times, and no obvious precipitation.

(6) Reaction with clay is 2 ~ 3 times slower than mud acid; and the final dissolution rate is closed

2. Usage:

Diluting the  stock solution with water at ratio 1:4 to 1:6 then can be used for construction, shut for 2 to 3 hours

3. Dosage:

2m³per meter oil well section (perforation connection thickness)


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