SEL-5(XI) Reservoir Blocking Remover

In the high-water late stage of oilfield development, a lot of flushing fluid, workover fluid and adjusting well drilling fluid flow into the bottom due to frequent jobs, which aggravates the blockage near wellbore reservoir.  The period removal with conventional fracturing acid increases the mining cost year by year, so it’s more and more important to develop a chemical reservoir blocking remover that is cheap, effective, simple and reliable. The reservoir blocking removers are mainly designed for emulsification blocking and water blocking. Emulsification blocking can drastically reduce flow capacity near wellbore, resulting in Jamin effect and formation blockage. According to phase volume theory, crude oil with water content less than 20 percent can only form w / o emulsion; crude oil with water content between 26 to 74 percent can form w/o or o/w emulsions depending on crude mineral composition; crude oil with water content more than 74 percent can only form o / w emulsion. The major impact on well penetration capacity comes from w / o emulsion, which flows into the pores and produces a large resistance in combination with Jamin effect. Only when the resistance is smaller than the pressure generated by the emulsion later, the emulsion flows into the pores and removes the emulsion blockage. Water blockage is another phenomenon that water prevents oil from flowing into the well, which decreases oil permeability and increases water permeability, leading to the decline in oil production. The key to releasing this kind of blockage is low interfacial tension and wet formations. Our blocking remover is based on cation - non-ionic surfactant and combined with wetting agent, dissolved alcohol, electrolytes, anti-swelling agent, etc. The combination produces complex synergies and achieves the purpose of removing emulsification blockage and water blockage.

1. Performance Indicators:

(1) Appearance: Dark Brown Liquid

(2) PH Value: 8-11 (4% aqueous solution)

(3) Freezing Point: ≤-18℃

(4) Solubility: Completely dispersed in water

(5) Density: 0.90~1.05 g/cm3

(6) Surface Tension: ≤35 mn/m

(7) Breaking Rate: ≥95%

2. Usage:

Add to the water and mix well with the concentration 5 to 10 percent.

3. Package:

Stored in 25kg/200kg metal bucket or plastic bucket at cool and ventilated places


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