SEL-5(II) Oil Well Blocking Remover (Oil Well Blockage Removal)

SEL-5 (II)-type oil wells blocking remover is mainly used in oil wells and injection wells, for removal of blockage caused by colloid asphalt, heavy oil precipitation and metal ion precipitation scaling, to restore the formation permeability and achieve purposes of increasing production and injection.

1. Performance indicators:

(1) Appearance: brown liquid.

(2) Density: 1.10 ~ 1.15g / cm3.

(3) Dispersion: it is soluble in water in any proportion.

(4) PH: 2-4.

(5) The elimination of oil-based filter cake or scale performance: 50% to 80% can be lifted within 1 to 2 hours.

2. Application:

(1) To remove  the colloid clogging of injection wells, iron ions deep.

(2) To remove  wells resin, asphaltene and heavy oil precipitated blocked.

(3) Applies to the formation temperature within 150℃.

3. Usage:

The product should be injected into the formation with a cement truck after formulated with water at 1: 5, then shut the well for two to three hours, and thenwash and empty the well. .

4. Dosage:

2m3 per meter oil reservoir layer (perforation connection thickness).