El bloqueo de la aplicación removedor

SEL-5(X) Blocking Remover for Unconsolidated Sandstone Formation

SEL-5 (X) is mainly for treatment of an unconsolidated sandstone formation. It reacts with carbonate in the formation and form a dense hard membrane on the surface of quartz sand to prevent a further reaction between acid and the formation. Besides, it fuses kaolinite in the formation and generates larger particles that are not easy to move to protect the formation skeleton and avoid clay mobilization. It also can stabilize sand in combination with sand-stabilizing additive. With the help of other additives, it will prevent sedimentation and montmorillonite expansion and reduce the damage towards formation to a minimum.

1. Performance Indicators:

(1) Appearance: Brown Liquid

(2) Density: 1.06~1.10 g/cm3

(3) Surface Tension: 30~35X10-6 N/m

(4) Corrosion Rate: 90℃ ≤10 g/m2•h

(5) Anti-Swelling Capacity: ≥70%(VH)

(6) Anti-Erosion Ability: ≥90%(0.8cm/s)

(7) Reaction Rate with calcium is 10 to 20 times slower and no apparent sediment

(8) Reaction Rate with clay is 2 to 3 times slower than conventional mud-acid and ultimate dissolution rate is similar.

2. Usage:

Dilute stock solution to 1:3 or 1:4 and shut-react for 2 to 3 hours.

3. Dosage:

2.5 m3 per meter well section (perforation connection thickness)