El bloqueo de la aplicación removedor

SEL-5(I) Oil Well Blocking Remover (Oil Well Blockage Removal)

SEL-5 (I) blocking removers are mainly used to lift oil wells after fracturing force in wall cracks and pore surface of the plant gum residue organic cake, as the result is not satisfactory or failure fracturing wells formation of an effective processing technology to improve low permeability reservoir fracturing effect.

1. Performance indicators:

(1) Appearance: brown liquid.

(2) Density: 1.0g / cm3.

(3) Dispersion: it is soluble in water or saline in any proportion.

(4) PH: 3

(5) Performance of elimination of the plant gum cake: eliminated within 30 minutes, so that the permeability increased by  nearly 1 time.

(6) Inhibition Performance: corrosion rate of less than 1.0g / m2 •h (90 ℃, atmospheric pressure, N80 tubing steel).

2. Application Scope:

(1) Unsatisfactory fracturingor failure in removing well blockage.

(2) Adapted to the formation temperature within 150 ℃.

3. Usage:

The product should be injected into the formation with a cement truck after formulated with water between  1: 5 to 1:10, then keep the well closed  for 30 to 60 minutes, and then wash and empty the well.

4. Dosage:

2 ~ 3m3 per meter of oil reservoir layer (perforation connection thickness).