El bloqueo de la aplicación removedor

SEL-5(III) Well Blocking Remover (Oil-Water Well Blockage Removal, mainly for Water Well)

SEL-5 (III)-type oil wells Blocking remover is used to dissolve the secondary sedimentation resulted fromacidification process, especially for the wells after repeated acidification or injection and also dissolute part siliceous and clay to improve the formation permeability and increase production and injection.

1. Performance indicators:

(1) Appearance: brown liquid.

(2) Density: 1.10 ~ 1.15g / cm3.

(3) Dispersion: It is soluble in water in any proportion.

(4) The effective dissolution rate: the acidified secondary precipitate can be eliminated by 30 ~80% within 2 hours.

(5) Inhibition Performance: corrosion rate is less than 2.0g / m2 •h (90 ℃, atmospheric pressure, N80 tubing steel).

2. Application:

(1) To remove plugging of calcium fluoride, sodium fluoride and other secondary precipitates.

(2) Applies to the formation’s acidizing with high clay content of siliceous sandstone.

(3) Applies to the formation temperature within 150 ℃.

3. Usage:

(A) Preparation: The SEL-5 (III) products should be diluted with water as 1: 5 to 1:10 and stirred evenly

(2) Construction: pump the product into the formation with the cement truck to, shut for two to four hours, then wash and empty the well.

4. Dosage:

1.5 ~ 2m3 per meter oil reservoir layer (perforation Connection thickness).