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SEL-5(VIII) Oil Well Blocking Remover (Heavy Dirty Removal, mainly for Water Well)

SEL-5(VIII) oil well blocking remover is using the complex principle to slowly dissolve the BaSO4、CaSO4、CaCO3 and other scale components, which add in the penetrant, the active ingredients can penetrate into the scale layer and peel it from the formation  or tube wall, to achieve the remove scale purpose.

1. Tehinical parameter:

(1) Appearance: light yellow liquid.

(2) Density: 1.02~1.05g/cm3

(3) Corrosion rate: less than 1.02~1.05g/cm3

(4) Ca scale conversion: 1m³liquid can dissolve CaSO4 14Kg in 90℃

(5) Ba、Sr scale conversion: 1m³liquid can dissolve CaSO4 20Kg in 90℃

2. Usage:

(1) Using for oil-water wells descaling construction, add 3~4 times water for dilution, shuting for 4~6 hours.

(2) Adding 2 to 3 times 60~80℃hot water for pipeline descaling, injecting pipelineand  soaking 4~8hours.

3. Dosage:

2mper meter oil well section (perforation connection thickness).