El bloqueo de la aplicación removedor

SEL-5(V) Oil Well Blocking Remover (Low Damage Acid)

This product is for eliminating inorganic blockages caused by Sulfide, corrosive products, carbonate blockage, being able to remove contaminations on oil reservoir layer caused by mud or emulsion, also being able to inhibit the secondary generation and corrosion of iron hydroxide precipitation, with good retarder performance for deep anti-plugging.

1. Performance indicators:

(1) Appearance: brown liquid.

(2) Density: 1.18 ~ 1.21g / cm3.

(3) Surface Tension <35mN / m, Interfacial tension <1.0mN / m.

(4) corrosion Inhibition Performance: corrosion rate of 2.0g/m2•h(90℃, atmospheric pressure, N80 tubing steel).

(5) Compatibility with crude oil: No formation of emulsion and acid sludge.

(6) Prevention of secondary sedimentation: Compared with soil acidification, CaF2 precipitation reduction of 99%, no Fe(OH)3 precipitation.

(7) Effective dissolution rate: almost the same as that of solid acid composed by12%Ha+3%HF .

(8) Dispersion: solubility in water in any ratio.

2. Application:

(1) oil-water wells near wellbore plugging.

(2) water depth Ministry acidizing.

(3) Adapted to stratum temperature up to 150 ℃.

3. Usage:

(1) Preparation: Diluting with water at ratio 1: 6.

(2) Operation: Pumping the product into the formation with cement truck, shut the oil well for 6~8 hours, then drain and ready for water injection.

4. Dosage:

2 ~ 3 m3 per meter oil reservoir layer. (Perforation connection thickness).