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Operation Analysis about Oil and Gas Developing Simultaneously in Oil Exploitation


The Appearance of greenhouse effect, acid rain, ozone depletion, PM2.5 and other environmental issues, gradually shows the trend of global pollution and depletion of energy. All these make the researches and development of new energy technologies become a hot concerns on international energy. As an important of dual-use energy used in production and life, petroleum mining technology has attracted increasing attention. Oil and gas developing simultaneously becomes a new exploration and development model. In the coming decades, it will have an important impact on energy intensive, multi-channel development. With the improvement of people's life quality and the internationalization of the market economy, the demand for natural gas and other clean energy is growing. The innovation of natural gas prospecting and mining method is one of the most important research direction in petroleum mining operations. First, we need to know the meaning and importance of the oil and gas developing simultaneously, and then the analysis introduced the MGG technology and the applications of digital pressure monitoring instrumentation in both oil and gas operations. At last , it shows the development tendency of both oil and gas developing simultaneously .

1. Necessity of oil and gas developing simultaneously

Peoples’ pursuit for better life quality and countries’ support for the manufacturing industry help to expand the business of energy companies in the market, especially natural gas. As a new clean energy, the nature gas has a high calorific value, safety and its burning waste is no harm to the environment. It is clean, cheap, and has many other advantages. So there’s great strategic importance to strengthen the research and development of natural gas in the oil exploration. In order to fully meet the market demand for natural gas, oil and energy, the implementation of both oil and gas exploration mode, can speed up the process of oil and gas fields ,and change the oil industry into a environment-friendly industry, and in the same time, meeting the natural gas market supply gap.

In the past few years, there has been a continue increase on the reserves and production of global oil and gas resources. That changes the world's energy supply and demand pattern. Development of natural gas has been in a golden period. The geopolitical situation, the international oil prices, shale gas development, and even some major resources and consuming adjusted their policy.

As a green energy among traditional fossil fuels, it has been widely valued around the world, thus showing a trend of rapid development. In the coming decades, the increase of consumption and sufficient resources of the gas, will inevitably lead the increase of the total consumption of gas of oil although the proportion of oil in primary energy consumption will decline. Oil and gas developing simultaneouslywill be a good development trend.

2. MGG technology applications in both oil and gas job

With the development of natural gas into the golden period, oil and gas developing simultaneouslywill become the main theme of the future. Then in order to conform to this change and development, various oil companies will effectively improve technology of oil and gas development operations to meet the development of oil and gas developing simultaneouslyin the daily operations. On the basis of oil exploration technology the original oil, oil company take full advantage of sophisticated technical means to accelerate the development of oil and gas resources exploitation. For example, the use of the MGG technology, which is based on heavy oil as the raw material, take advantage of a catalyst of the RMG series with a special performance and reactions or by the riser bed reactor, to produce a large number of rich LPG olefins and high-octane gasoline.

In the mode of operation of oil and gas developing simultaneously, MGG technology in addition to the mass production of high-octane gasoline, and reached a combined hydrocarbon oil of both the petrochemical industry, to achieve a good co-production of oil and gas. And this technology can make use of sophisticated technology and catalytic cracking unit, for example, can take advantage of existing FCC unit appropriate transformation can be achieved co-production of oil and gas, can be said to be "less investment," and have a certain economic and social benefits worth in both the oil and gas undertakings to promote the application.

3. Digital pressure test instrumentation applications in the oil and gas in practices

In the oil and gas business development, in order to better achieve both oil and gas exploration and development of ideas, digital pressure test instrumentation applications technology played a good supporting role. Digital pressure detection instrumentation is a pressure meter for measuring a physical signal, wherein the pressure measurement is performed by converting the physical signal into an electrical signal acquisition sensor, and then the output signal of the pressure sensor amplification, filtering and other processing by an external circuit Thereafter, anyone to A, D converter, and then converted into digital signals, and finally post-processed by the microprocessor to achieve its function of pressure measurements. This digital pressure test instrumentation is mainly used to measure and monitor the pressure of gas monitoring points, under normal circumstances, the pressure gauge its exact range from 0.2% to 0.05% of the applications developed to meet the gas field. For example, a gas production of 10 billion cubic meters of gas, about the pressure measuring points over 2000, you can configure varying amounts depending on the circumstances of the gauge. Measuring point can be configured a little pressure gauge, measuring more points you need to configure the gauge blocks 5-6, on average each measuring point you want to configure two gauges. From this point of view, with the great development of China's oil refining industry and expanding the scale of oil and gas fields, it is bound to promote the development of digital pressure test instrumentation industry.

4. Development trends of oil and gas developing simultaneously

In order to better adapt to oil and gas developing simulaneously, first of all we need to develop technological innovation as an important factor, because technological innovation is the vitality of the oil industry, it can promote the adjustment of the global energy landscape; secondly should establish a "global energy security chain." In today's world, energy security is not just a simple matter of a country or a region, but rather related to the security of supply and demand for security affairs. Mutual cooperation between all energy importing countries and oil companies, mutual dependence can help us to form a tight security chain. In addition, with the gradual marketing of the crude oil and harder geological conditions of oil and gas exploration, the existing level of technology can not fully meet the oil and gas exploration and development, so the oil companies need to increase investment for scientific and technological innovation i in order to guarantee the smooth development of scientific and technological innovation projects.

Changes in the international energy distribution and usage, the reform of the energy system, make the natural gas presents intensified trends. As a major source of oil and gas, and innovative research and development of mining technology will effectively reduce the difficulty of oil exploration, enhance the oil extraction efficiency and improve our market share in the international energy system, and fully meet domestic and international demand for oil reserves.

The application of oil and gas developing simultaneously in the energy production is a landmark revolution. It not only increases the energy reserves, but also declines the impact to minimum on the environmental in energy extraction process. Therefore, oil and gas developing simultaneously will be more widely used in future oil industry.


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