Case Studies

Infinite level fracturing technology

Based on the new type of oil and gas reservoir, a new type of continuous differential casing sliding sleeve is used to determine the sliding sleeve and casing, and then implement conventional cementing, and then implement a series of hydraulic fracturing. It can be used for unconventional oil and gas reservoir stimulation or the effective means of oil and gas production slice mining and bottom water plugging.

Multistage Unlimited Fracturing system

Up to now, the fracturing system has been applied in 5723 wells with the completion of the 95420 stage fracturing, the cumulative injection to the formation of 1270000 tons of supporting agent, a total of 97 tons of hydraulic fracturing, the highest single well fracturing series record is 93, the maximum vertical fracturing wells 4681 meters and the maximum depth of 6256 meters.

OptiPort fracturing tools

Major operations is in North America, as of now, OptiPort fracturing tool has been in North America, more than 1000 wells, fracturing series over 10000 levels, for the efficient realization of shale gas and other unconventional oil and gas reservoir development provides a valuable experience.


HCM sleeve

It is experimental applicated in Beihai oilfield of europe. The maintenance cost of the well is greatly saved after the HCM casing is used, and the output is obviously improved. Through the control of the sliding sleeve, it can effectively adjust the formation capacity and prolong the life of oil and gas wells to provide guarantee for the high and stable production.


ZoneSelect Monobore Segmented fracturing system

It is widely used in horizontal wells,high angle wells and vertical wells in North America early. Its highest compressive strength is 134 MPa and the application of underground temperature up to 163. Continuous tube switch tool maximum supporting the use of coiled tubing was 60.3 mm, to ensure that the oil in the annular flow area and reservoir fracturing effect.


From the point of view of the fracturing process, Schlumberger and Baker Hughes tool used in subsection fracturing, the process is simple, no need in the other column without multiple pipe column switch sliding sleeve operation. According to fracturing series more occasions, they can improve the construction efficiency.


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