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The Third Gum of the oil war had fired: Saudi alliance with Russia

Foreign media draw the oil war routes: the Middle East cost USD, rise after defeat the United States

In December of last year the Reuters report, "Yi Nami declared war on the US shale oil," Saudi Oil fired the first shot of the war, after a few days Saudi Arabia reduce the crude oil prices sale to the Asia and the United States, started the second shot of the oil war.

The spread ofthe oil war conspiracy theory mainly has two versions: the United States hit Russia by the drop in oil prices, Saudi Arabia defeated the United States in oil prices by oil shale.

Oilwar has now entered the third round, so that the above version of the conspiracy theory becomes clear.

SaudiOil Minister Naimi (Ali Al-Naimi) met with Russian Ambassador Orser Love (Oleg Ozerov), Ambassador Pekka Voutilainen, Finland and Norway Hansen (Rolf Willy Hansen) on Tuesday (January 27), to discuss the oil market "stability."

This incidentpushed some extent optimistic expectations of investors - Crude oil output is expected to penetrate the market. It is noteworthy that after the crude oil market closed Tuesday, the American Petroleum Institute (API) will release last week's oil inventory report version of the industry, but more notably, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) will be on Wednesday (January 28) released the official version of the crude oil inventory report.

This includesa statement of Saudi Aramco (Saudi Aramco), CEO (ECO) Mana He (Khalid al-Falih) on Tuesday - Saudi side and not act alone to balance the oil market.

Andon Monday (January 26),the Secretary General Badri (Abdallah el-Badri) of OPEC has pointed out that if the oil producers are no longer to invest in new oil supplies active, crude oil prices rose to $ 200 / barrel is not entirely impossible things. Badri said at the time, 45-55 US dollars / barrel crude oil prices may be the bottom lies.

Houstonconsultant Carl Larry Frost & Sullivan noted that some traders believe, OPEC areas above statement implies that the organization offered an olive branch to some extent; such a view on the market - Saudi Arabia may be take some action quickly, though this signal not a certainty, but let the oil market saw a ray of hope, allowing some investors to the oil market outlook is slightly more optimistic.

However, Citigroup (Citigroup) futures department analyst at Evans (Tim Evans) was worried about excess global oil supply, inventories continued to accumulate the problem remains bearish crude oil prices, thereby limiting the potential for recovery of the crude oil market, there will be a new lows.

Even worse, Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs), president of Cohen (Gary Cohn) recently pointed out that the lowest price of crude oil could fall to $ 30 / barrel.


OPEC Secretary General: oil prices have bottomed out

Secretary GeneralAbdullah Ba Delhi (Abdalla El-Badri) of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec, called OPEC) said on Monday that oil prices have bottomed out, may soon rebound

Badrisaid, after the US $ 45 to $ 50 per barrel range hovering, "oil prices have bottomed out."

In ameeting space of Chatham House London (Chatham House), Badri told the British "Financial Times": "How long this will continue, but I do not know ...... I'm sure prices will rebound?."

OPECand the world's largest companies have been warned that if as a result of the recent decline in oil prices led to a substantial reduction in investment, the future price of oil will rise sharply. Last week, the Rome-based oil and gas company Eni (Eni) CEO Claudio De Scalzi (Claudio Descalzi) said that if the energy industry continued to cut investment and capital expenditure by the end of 2020, oil prices may reach every $ 200 a barrel.

Sincemid-June last year, due to strong growth in the US supply, OPEC to keep output unchanged and weak global demand, oil prices have fallen nearly 60%.

LastNovember, OPEC decided to maintain the 30 million barrels per day of oil output unchanged, but not to cut production to boost prices, exacerbated by the decline in oil prices

Under theled OPEC's largest oil producer and the leaders of the organization as well as the practical significance o Saudi Arabia, OPEC said the decision should be the oil market factors. Badri reiterated OPEC's attitude that the organization will not lose market share to their non-OPEC oil producers. The crude oil production of OPEC accounting for about one-third of the world.

Badriblamed the sharp decline in the price of oil in Saudi Arabia, he said, Saudi Arabia is the oil used as a political tool, but Saudi Arabia and OPEC President denied this

"Oilis being used to serve the strategic interests of a major oil producing countries," Badri said, "politics should not be used."

Badrimade the remarks after oil prices briefly rose. In the previous the oil price had hit a low of $ 47.57 a barrel. London Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) 3 January delivery Brent (Brent) Crude oil prices fell 15 cents to $ 48.66 a barrel. Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah (Abdullah) and rumors about the death of Saudi Arabia's oil policy, the price of oil had risen on Friday.


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