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Ten Events on Chinese Energy in 2014

1、On March 21, National Development and Reform Commission issued ’Guidance on the Establishment and Refinement of Civil Gas Ladder Price System’ to arrange the establishment and refinement of civil gas ladder price system. After the ‘Guidance’ was published, Shanghai, Shandong and Jiangsu started the implementation.

2、On March 24, National Development and Reform Commission , National Energy Bureau and Environment Protection Department together issued ‘Work Program on Strengthening Prevention from Air Pollution in Energy Field’ making comprehensive plan to prevent air pollution in the field of energy.

3、On June 7, the State Council General Office issued ‘Strategic Action Plan on Energy Development (2014-2020 years)’, clearly adhere to the core of ’Economical, Clean & Safe’. It was raised that a united and opening modern energy market system with orderly competition would take shape by 2020.

4、On June 13, Xi Jinping, the president and leader of Central Finance Leading Group put forward the five connotations of promoting energy revolution at the sixth meeting of Central Fiance Leading Group.

5、On June 23, ‘13th Five Year’ National Energy Schedule Meeting was held in Beijing, deploying and encouraging the energy planning work in the 13th five year.

6、In June, National Energy Bureau made out ’Action Plan on Quality Upgrade of Product Oil for Air Pollution Prevention’, pointing out the road map of upgrading product oil quality.

7、In July, National Energy Bureau issued ’Notice On Regulating the Scientific & Orderly Development of Coal-to-Liquid and Gasification’》, requiring further regulation on the development of CTL and gasification.

8、In August, china formally pushed out ‘Hualong No.1’, an independent nuclear power brand of three generation. It is a currently exportable models. Expert Team suggested tostart demonstration project as soon as possible.

9、On September 14, CNPC Chemical Co.,Ltd announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary corporation China Petrochemical Sales Co.,Ltd had signed investment increasing agreements with 25 domestic and foreign investors, who bought 29.99% equities of Sales Co. after the investment increasing by a sum of RMB 107.094 billion.

10、In October, the key technology of shale gas exploration made great breakthrough in China. The original ‘Divider’ for segmentation in underground horizontal wells made by CNPC Petroleum Engineering Corporation was applied successfully. This made China the third country using the original technical equipments in shale gas exploration after the US and Canada.


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