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Shale Gas Is Not The Most Beautiful Portrait

Once upon a time, a painter with normal painting skills but want to get rich should pain a portrait for a billionaire. When the portrait presented to the rich, the rich thought the portrait unlike him, not only rejected portrait but also refused to pay for it. In the face of quality dispute, painter hit upon a stratagem, going to the exhibition, and named the portrait thief. When the rich heard the news, immediately spent huge amounts of money to buy the portrait. Painter to be rich over night.

From the available information, shale gas blocks which has entered the commercial development almost all located above the developed oil and gas fields, while in conventional oil and gas area didn’t find the so-called shale gas filed. Moreover, From the current global shale gas producing reservoir silicon content, almost all above 80%. This moment, from petrology classification, it is not the pure shale but silicastone, and silicastone can not generate gas. Moreover, seeing from empirical research of the international latest and topmost scientific exploration of space, including crude oil, gas and hydrocarbon of shale gas have no relation with organic. Therefore, shale gas and other organic origin theory confronted a huge challenge, as painted a billionaire an unlike portrait. Then, continuous outbreaks haze and advantages of total amount of shale gas pollution emission is far less than the coal as to promote the "shale gas revolution" rhetoric.

Even shale gas is not the fundamental method to resolve haze, but the national taxpayer really like the billionaire, permissive public environmental safety damage along with thief, forcing the taxpayer can only fully support, to give tax cuts tax cuts, to give subsidies to subsidies. Even the portrait if not good, but at least they can make the factory who sell canvas, oil painting brush, oil painting color gain early. As a result, the shale gas revolution has not succeed but early push supporting industry overcapacity, intensified shouted fight momentum to thief.

The permeability in development of oil and gas is the parameter of roch inself conducing liquid capacity, is to reveal the oil displacement( in reservoir, control oil and water or oil and gas advance uniformly, important index of rational exploitation of oil and gas field. In short, higher permeability mining condition is relatively better, otherwise worse.

At international custom division, conventional gas, tight gas, shale gas were stored separately in sandstone reservoirs with permeability more than 1 milli-Darcy, therefore, shale has the most sensitive to formations plastic deformation reaction, lead to expand the maximum difficulty of mining, the production curve is more prone to failure.

But domestic shale gas classification has another method, define shale gas is hosted in the organic shale and interlayer, adsorption or free state as main mode of existence of unconventional natural gas. Specific standards : (1). Occurred within hydrocarbon source rocks. Possess high content of organic matter(TOC>1.0%), adsorption gas content >20%. (2). Interlayer and thickness. Interlayer size is below siltstone (including siltstone) or carbonate rocks, monolayer thickness is less than 1 meter. (3). Interlayer proportion. The total thickness of interlayer of gas well is no more than 20% of gas well. Usual,

Because the shale gas does not have the geological significance of shale reservoir space, but it has a dense and relatively continuous characteristics, well sealed and preserved its lower conventional or dense oil and gas resources. A massive understatement its interlayer make single layer less than 1 meter and target layer thickness no more than 20% of gas well (including siltstone) or carbonate rockas, natural gas formed by formation is all included in the output of shale gas, has suspicion of moved heaven and earth, put them for shale gas revolution.

Besides, siltstone or carbonate formation rupture pressure usually much lower than the adjacent pure shale formations, therefore, the hydraulic fracturing will take the lead in these strata pressure, and expansion joints and support, make subsequent fracturing have a strong path dependence. Right now, if siltstone or carbonate interlayer has natural gas, output gas is dense gas, or shale gas, it is hard to say clearly if not carbon isotope technology inspection. Moreover, in the later data processing, and can reach 20% requirements with technical method, poor taxpayer money will fall into who’s pocket. Therefore, even the portrait is faulty, the rich can only accept it?


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