Russia World Petroleum Exhibition during June 16 to 19, 2014

Xinchang Chemical dispatched two representatives attending the Russia World Petroleum Exhibition held in Russia during June 16th to 19th, 2014.

As a common knowledge, Russian petroleum enterprises are becoming nationalized gradually in recently years, and the output of Russian petroleum has been increased significantly: around 50% rise from 1999 to 2004, and year 2006 witnessed the total oil output 480.4 million tons, 12.3% of the world output, plus total natural gas 612.1 billion cubic meters, 21.3% of world output. The petroleum industry has become an important strength of Russian economic revival, playing a key role in the economic development. According to experts, around 90% of GDP rise of Russia is benefited by the driving force of energy exportation, which not only brings in continuous foreign exchange flow right for the needs of Russia rise, but also comes into a powerful energy diplomatic tool, and a trump card for Russia to entering into world economic integration as well.

This fair had been finished successfully. On one hand the scale of this fair was very big, on the other hand, its specialization was weak due to exhibitors’ wide variety of background field, for this reason it provided little opportunities for Xinchang Chemicals during the 3 days show time. Russia World Petroleum Exhibition was a fair more for propaganda than for business development. For Xinchang Chemicals, further preferable fairs should be highly specialized type in corresponding expertise field.