Accomplished the installation of spiral link for thermoelectricity section of SINOPEC Tianjin

Spiral link devices are our newly developed green energy-saving products, applicable to the condenser of condensing steam turbine sets. It has two main functions of preventing scaling and enhancing heat transfer, plus elevating vacuum and decreasing end pressure, so to achieve energy-saving purpose.

Eleven technicians of our company arrived at Thermoelectricity Section of SINOPEC Tianjin Branch and started the installation process on Mar. 6, 2011.

After the cleaning work of the condenser was done by the client company, we started the installation. This project contained complicated procedures, and required carefulness and meticulousness. Our staff shared the work reasonably and cooperated well with each other, and smoothly worked and accomplished all the tasks after three day’ intensive work.

During client’s examination and acceptance of our project, our staff was highly praised by Sinopec Tianjin for our discipline, working status and work quality.

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