Dubai International Oil&Gas Exhibition

Xinchang Company’s main business is oil refining chemicals and oilfield chemicals. This year, Xinchang put eyes on international markets, and will vigorously explore the international markets, and expand its foreign trade.

Firstly, we believe that exhibition is the most direct way to approach international customers. Since it was our first time to attend exhibition abroad this year, we are not well experienced in choosing places and organizers. For places, this year we firstly choose from the areas where oil industry has been developed and oil domain expertise is strong. Dubai is called “the city of trade” of UAE, and also the carrying trade center for the whole mid-east areas, and its national economy is based on oil production and petrochemical industry. Oil production started in 1958, and oil export started in1962, and is by now the fifth largest oil export country in the world, and the second largest oil production country in Arab.

Our participation to this exhibition has come to a successful end. Although the exhibition is not so large in scale, the number of visitors is very large, and we have gained a good harvest. One Iranian customer is very interested in our products, and had further communications with us. What’ s more, this customer visited us in April this year, and now we are in further contact. We hope to take this opportunity to open up the international market. Overall speaking, the result of attending this exhibition was quite satisfactory to us.