What is petroleum proppant

When producing the oil and gas from the deep wells, low permeability rock by using high pressure fracturing treatment could split formations. Oil and gas collecting into the crack formation of the channel, it requires fluid injection rocks at the grass-roots level. With more than strength of the formation fracture pressure, make the cracks around the wellbore, forming a channel with high flow ability. To maintain the formation after fracturing cracks open, the oil and gas could flow smoothly.

Oil proppant also named oil fracturing proppant. The oil proppant with high pressure solution inject into the strata filling in rock fractures, supporting crack tomaintain a high flow conductivity, make the oil and gas flow, increase the production. The performance of the oil proppant requirements:

1.     Proppant should have enough compressive strength and wear resistance, resistant to inject strong pressure and friction, and effectively support the artificial fracture.

2.     Proppant particles relative density is lower, easy to pump into the underground.

3.     Proppant particles under the condition of the temperature of 200℃, and the fracturing fluid and reservoir fluid chemistry does not occur. Acid solubility maximum allowable values should be less than 7%.

At present commonly used proppant are mainly of quartz sand, aluminium vanadium and soil clay sand and resin composite particles, etc. Because of quartz sand in low, low density and easy pumping, is widely used, but the low intensity of quartz sand, sphericity, reduce fracture diverting capacity shall not apply to high closure pressure of deep well. Resin coated compound particles of quartz sand, sphericity is improved and corrosion resistance is strong, diverting capacity is better. With aluminium vanadium and soil in the process of ceramist proppant, high density, good sphericity, corrosion resistance, resistance to high temperature, high pressure, at the same time, this can get good control, so more and more widely used oil. Practice has proved that using ceramsite proppant fracturing of oil wells can improve the yield of 30%~50%, also can extend the oil and gas wells length of service. It is oil, natural gas of low permeability oil and gas well deilling. Construction of key materials, not only can increase oil and gas production, but also can extend the oil and gas well service life.

Ceramsite proppan oil is the main raw material of aluminium vanadium and soil, and our country’s bauxite rich countries, highly concentrated bauxite distribution, and the four provinces of guangxi, guizhou, henan, shanxi area) total reserves accounted for 90.9% of the total reserves(41.6%, 17.1%, 16.7%, 15.5% in Guizhou, Henan, Shanxi, Guangxi)

Chinese companies manufacturing ceramsite proppant with good support ability, gradually replace the converntional proppant sand, into the American market. China’s manufacturing ceramsite proppant has dominated the whole north America ceramsite proppant with a 13% share of the market, the average annual volume of bilion.

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