Technical Seminar about Fuel Right Product Optimization Technique and Circulating Water Treatment Technique Organized by US Fuel Right Oil Company and Xinchang Company

Source: This Site   Published: 2015-5-4 16:14:03

Technical seminar about Fuel Right oil product optimization technique and circulating water electrochemical treatment technique was organized by US FuelRight oil company and Xinchang Chemical company at Changzhou in April 2015. Leaders and technicists of Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC and some local refining companies, oil storage companies, marketing companies, transportation companies, a total of more than thirty people attended the meeting.

The meeting mainly introduced the Fuel Right product of US Fuel Right company and the independent research on the new technique of circulating water electrochemical treatment of Xinchang Chemical company.

Fuel Right products can overall improve the performance of diesel, fuel oil and prevent bacterial corrosion, reduce emissions. The products are very popular in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. They bring tangible benefit the consumers and distribute a lot on the local air quality. We Cangzhou Chemical Company reached a close relationship of comprehensive cooperation with US Fuel Right company, and will contribute together to energy saving and environment protection.

The independent research and development of circulating water electrochemical treatment by Cangzhou Xinchang Chemical company is a revolutionary breakthrough in the water treatment industry. It breaks the traditional view of "Water have to be dosed or membrane treated”. No adding of any water treatment chemicals, consuming very little power, it can achieve the purpose of water saving, scale inhibition, corrosion inhibition and biocide to make the industrial water truly reach near-zero emissions. This technology has been applied for 1 to 2 years,in China National Bluestar Group and Shanxi Coal Industrial. It has been currently tested and applied in China Sinopec Jinan Branch fourth circulating water field for four months with a satisfying result. In our country who is severely short of fresh water resources , the promotion and application of this technology will not only make an excellent return to the users’ investment, solve the problems of water treatment and environmental protection, but also relieve stress and tension on water resources to do great contribution to the country's blue sky project.

This year is the first year to implement the new "environmental law" and the new "Safety Law". The government makes more strict requests on production safety, energy conservation, environmental protection and other aspects. In this time the petrochemical industry is currently facing Unprecedented doldrums, we have to vigorously practice the principle of energy conservation, environmental protection, clean production, safe production and green low-carbon. Only by this, the petrochemical industry can go out of plight and face the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development.

Cangzhou Xinchang Chemical Company vigorously respond to the national call of production safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, and committed to research and develop more energy-saving products. We strive to achieve the development in the chemical industry and also do our best to contribute to the environmental protection.





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