South Africa International Oil and Gas Exhibition

Three employees of Xinchang Company were sent to South Africa in July to take part in the Africa (South Africa) International Oil & Gas Exhibition in South Africa on July 2-4, 2014. Africa (South Africa) International Oil & Gas Exhibition was established by the Exhibition Management Services in 2004, which is the most professional exhibition in Africa. Its scale and the influence rank first on the continent of Africa. Africa (South Africa) International Oil & Gas Exhibition in 2014 was one of the more influential African petroleum exhibition involving major oil producers in Africa, and attracted more than 12,000 petroleum equipment purchasers, technical personnel from all over Africa, South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, etc. to attend the exhibition. It became a trading platform for national exhibitors to open up the African market. As the international oil price rising in recent years, African countries intensified the efforts on the development of oil and gas resources, and took policies in accordance with their national conditions to attract foreign investment. These policies and the considerable oil reserves in central African nations provide a valuable opportunity to Chinese companies to enter the region's energy market and make energy cooperation.

The exhibition has been successfully completed. African oil industry is still in the development stage, so the scale of this exhibition was not great, traffic was low, and exhibitors were from all walks of life. It was not a professional chemical industry exhibition with little effect. International Oil Exhibition in this year is still the exploration stage for Xinchang Company. We will be more focused on selecting highly specialized exhibition in the future.