Management and technical research oilfield chemicals quality supervision

With the deepening of China's oil and gas development, the quality of oil field chemicals is playing an increasingly important role in the efficiency increase of oil and gas fields. But there are still many deficiencies in the technical management of oilfield chemicals, and the quality safety of oilfield chemicals is still not guaranteed. In such a situation, the best way is to increase the oilfield chemicals quality supervision, management and technology to effectively monitor and control the quality of oil field chemicals and enhance safe application of oilfield chemicals. Therefore, this paper focuses on oilfield chemicals quality supervision and technical expansion analysis and discussion.

1. Weakness in the Supervision & Technology of Oilfield Chemicals

1.1 Product Name Confusion

Currently various kinds of oilfield chemicals appear in the market, and product name confusion often happens in manufacturing process, making the product name label not accurate. In addition, some manufacturers exaggerate the application scope and functions of oilfield products, resulting in unclear product classification and disordered quality inspection.

1.2 Technical Standard Irregularities

First, manufacturers develop their own standards. Many oilfield chemical manufacturers cannot make production in accordance with the national technical specifications because of limited technology & production capacity. In this case, manufacturers develop its own technical standards, leading to low product quality.

Second, product parameters cannot reflect practical application. Some manufacturers did not accurately record product parameters in accordance with relevant specifications in the production of oilfield chemicals, making those parameters cannot reflect accurately the real application effect. This has big impact in the safe and effective application of oilfield chemicals.

 1.3 Personnel Unqualification

There is no perfect training institution carrying out regular or occasional personnel training on quality control. In addition, because oilfield chemicals supervision and inspection is a complicated job with a lot of workload, quality control personnel are likely to miss or ignore a critical step in the process of supervision and inspection of oil field chemicals, leading to a result of distortion, and cannot guarantee the quality of oilfield chemicals meeting standards.

 2. Effective measures to improve the supervision and management of oilfield chemicals quality and technology

 2.1 Strengthening Oilfield Chemicals Manufacturer Assessment

Scrutiny on enterprises with declared goods is very important work. Before oilfield chemicals supervision and inspection, the production capacity, the ability to detect, credit records and other aspects of the enterprise should be studied comprehensively.

 2.2 Deepening oilfield chemicals quality supervision

Oilfield chemicals quality supervision is a very important job. Every department of quality supervision and cooperation must cooperate to ensure that all aspects are under the strict control of supervisors and the effect on health, safety, environment, energy, etc. can be determined accurately. In short, in order to ensure the safe and effective application of oil field chemicals, quality supervision must be strengthened to check out whether the product has quality problems and to create a good oilfield chemicals market environment.

 2.3 Scientifically normalize technical standards

In order to change the chaos of oilfield chemicals technical standards, quality supervision should always adhere to the principle of priority: national standards prior to industry standards, while industry standards prior to enterprise standards. According to this principle, failure to meeting related technical standards should be demanded for rectification until technical standards compliance.

 2.4 Strengthen training on quality control personnel

Quality control personnel is the main body of oilfield chemicals quality supervision, whose capability, quality and consciousness directly determine the effect of product quality supervision. In order to facilitate quality control personnel in oilfield chemicals quality supervision and standardize the process of supervision and inspection work, regular or irregular training on quality control personnel is very necessary. Systematical training can enhance the capacity, awareness, expertise, quality and other aspects of quality control personnel and help them skillfully handle detection devices, regulate their demeanor and analyze product from a professional point of view, creating conditions for standard oilfield chemicals quality supervision.

 3. Conclusion

Quality of oilfield chemicals plays an increasingly important role in production & efficiency growth of oil and gas fields, so it is necessary to continuously strengthen the quality of oilfield chemicals. But currently there are many problems in quality supervision, management and technology, which fails to ensure oilfield chemicals meeting quality standards. Under this circumstance, we should strengthen manufacturer scrutiny, deepen oilfield chemicals quality supervision, scientifically standardize technical specifications and strengthen training on quality control personnel to improve management and technical supervision. With the improvement and innovation of system management, quality supervision and product technology, the quality of our oilfield chemicals is sure to be effectively controlled.

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