Greece Crisis Lead to the Decrease of Crude Oil Prices

Greek government held a referendum and closed the banking system of the country to solve the debt crisis lasting for five years. The Greek government's actions make Greek nearly exit eurozone and hinder the development of euro’s future.  for the future of the euro is overshadowed. Although there is no direct relation between Greek crisis and the crude oil market, analysts believe the uncertainty in Greece will influence many financial assets.

Analysts MattSmith of ClipperData said that Greece's crisis will led to the decrease of oil prices. In the meanwhile, The process of Iran nuclear talks are also putting pressure on prices. Market heats uncertainty, possibility of the Greek to exit the eurozone brings panic to Europe's market. Crude oil prices are going as expected. during the development of short blocked from above 375 to below 365 Powei away test 360, basically complete within 4 days time. The current price of oil after the repair is not the case 365 Powei maintain low volatility, which indicates that the oil price is currently at the bottom of the shock process to be performed in a rebound pulled Quotes. But before pulled up, whether it will conduct a down trend, that is what we need to pay attention to. There’s nearly no room to the downside, so start from the current point to the next track and moving average cross empty 352, that are the proposed bargain buy appropriate; if there’s increase from the top once again exceeded 365-366, the price of the oil will rise further.

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