Направление развития и статуса китайских технологий по цементированию нефтяных скважин

Abstract: At present, our country is constantly strengthening its oil and gas exploration, and the cementing technology through innovation, can achieve the standard of oil well cement, also improve the performance of technology application. But in the process of drilling, well cementing technology application still exist many problems, and the construction standard of construction personnel also did not form a unified specification, so the application of oil well cementing technology in China need to further strengthen and improve the technical standards. With the improvement of living standards of residents in our country, the demand for oil and gas will continue to increase. The development of petroleum industry should seize this opportunity to bring greater economic benefits for enterprise. The article through the analysis of oil well cementing technology application situation, explored the development direction of cementing technology. The development of China's oil industry, strengthen the economic strength of our country. Make the exploitation of oil production increase through the exploitation of technology innovation, and realize the steady development of technology and economy. Cementing technology is the main technology of application in the process of mining, which reduced the difficulty of the super deep well drilling, and improved the efficiency of the drilling work in China. Of course, in the process of development the oil industry technology need to be analyzed and improved to promote the improvement of cementing quality, and continuously meet the needs of residents in our country for oil and gas.

1. The development of Chinese oil well cementing technology

1.1 Achieved mining deep, ultra-deep mining targets

The rapid development of the society makes the increasing demand for oil in the various industries. Average depth of the mine exploitation of oil production has already can't satisfy people's demand. Technology, by the application of cementing technology, achieved the goal of deep well, ultra deep well drilling, and increased oil production. Along with the development of deep well, ultra deep well drilling project, the cementing technology has been basically formed a set of independent operation plan. The selection against to high temperature cement slurry system is also more standard, and construction technology and construction process can also be in strict accordance with the requirements for, which guarantee the quality and improve the drilling speed.

1.2 Made progress in the technical aspects of the complex gas well cementing

Many areas in China are rich in oil resources, but there are different difficulties in different parts of the oil well production, such as: Sichuan gas well cementing, which contains rich hydrogen sulfide, the oil and gas well cementing in Daqing and Jilin region, are rich in carbon dioxide. All these factors make the production process become more complicated. By continuously exploration, scientific research personnel put forward anti-gas channeling comprehensive construction measures in order to solve the phenomenon of shallow gas, easy to leak air, and improved complicated gas well cementing technology. In the process of cementing, tools using aspects are improved, gas well cementing technology has realized the application of high efficiency, the complex gas well drilling is improved, and the cementing quality of most of the area has reached the standard requirements.

1.3 Made the adjustment well cementing quality further improved

Due to the east of the old oil field water content is very high, even some oilfield reached more than 90%, oil mining process has been in the water environment for a long time, which caused that the injection-production is in the state of imbalance, mining pressure has become very disorder, the original pressure system is destroyed seriously, the cementing quality of adjustment well is reduce. Technical personnel of oil field in many parts finally achieved the cementing technology of adjustment well through continuous technical explorations. Through slurry system technology research and development and actively cooperation of construction personnel, improved the cementing quality of adjustment well, which can meet the requirements of oil drilling.

2. Our cementing technique of oil still exist problems

2.1 there are still some difficulties in high density of oil underground mining

High density oil mine mining work in the technical aspects of the exploration process has been completed, but there are still a lot of difficulties in the actual construction process due to the impact of density. Although some construction projects can be completed, the exploitation of oil production is very low, the quality of construction is also relatively poor, which cannot meet the relevant requirements of China's oil exploitation.

2.2 Gas channeling is a serious problem

In the process of oil extraction, the gas channeling phenomenon is always the problem plaguing construction workers, even though the relevant technical staff did a lot of research work, this phenomenon cannot be avoided. In the process of cementing technology application, the gas channeling phenomenon still will appear, making deep gas reservoir well cementing quality very poor.

2.3 Small clearance cementing technology is not mature

Small clearance cementing mainly appeared in the deep well drilling process, makes the quality of borehole and down hole operation conditions so poorly , and cannot place casing centralizer. The quality after the well seal cannot be guaranteed. In the process of drilling deep well, ultra deep well in our country, we should take effective measures to avoid the emergence of small gap problem, and meet the requirements of production. Explore the effective improvement measures from the aspects of drilling technology.

3. Future development measures of China's oil well cementing technique

3.1 Leaders in the oil sector should strengthen the management and supervision of mining work

Cementing technology is the last link applied in oil, its application directly impact on the quality and effectiveness of construction, so the relevant leaders in the oil sector should strengthen the management and supervision of the application of technology management and make sure that construction personnel’s construction behavior meets the requirements, improve the quality of oil exploitation. The leaders should go to the grassroots, and timely find detection technology problems in the application process through the actual inspection, organize technical personnel to improve their work, achieve development goals of improving cementing technology.

3.2 Increasing spending on research and innovation to realize the cementing technology.

There are still a lot of difficulty of application about cementing technology in deep well and ultra deep well drilling process. Oil sector can increase investment in scientific research, organize a large number of technical development personnel to make the cementing technology innovation according to the actual mining problem.

4. Conclusion

The oil industry is one of the important projects for China's economic development. Oil drilling process should continuously be perfected and make the technology innovation in order to achieve the strategic goal of sustainable development. Achieve the goal to meet the requirements of The Times, and bring more economic benefits to oil exploration department. Cementing technology is the last procedure of oil exploration. Its operation behavior and the application of technology will affect the quality of the oil exploration. Therefore, the construction personnel should strictly operate in accordance with the standards of construction to improve oil production. Oil leadership's emphasis on cementing technology, and encourage the technical personnel to study, explore the method of cementing technology innovation constantly, increase investment in scientific research project, make the cementing technology can be flexible applied the process of deep well, ultra deep well drilling.

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